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Ik snap het!


At VW Orchids we made a clear choice when determining our range. We focused on large flowering, white Phalaenopsis and searched for the strongest and most beautiful varieties. And we succeeded. We have the finest varieties available on the market at our nursery. A long cultivation process along with the utmost care and attention in our nursery has resulted in a long lasting Phalaenopsis with several branches. Our orchids can also be delivered using the H20bloom watering system so they remain in the same good condition during the logistics process and upon arrival with the customer.

Five varieties, different possibilities; in addition to the standard orchid range, you can also rely on VW Orchids for unique Phalaenopsis varieties. Different shapes are created all year round using the Pure Silk variety. Each type of orchid from the VW Orchid range have something common, their bright white colour and strong features.

So many shades of white; get to know the Phalaenopsis from VW Orchids: