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About VW Orchids

Quality is important to entrepreneur Kees van Wijk. Originally a rose grower, he has many years of experience in various aspects in the cultivation of quality products. Knowledge and expertise of the Phalaenopsis really counts to the growers family.

There is one thing that matters at VW Orchids: bringing out the very best in their products. By focusing on a specific product, large flowering Phalaenopsis in 12 cm pot size, VW Orchids want to prove that they are the quality breeder in the area. A company where the cultivation of Phalaenopsis is elevated to a craft. Attention is paid to the plants with craftsmanship and care. Since 2016, Kees and his team have been busy organizing the company to create the optimal structure. They built everything themselves - from each screw to the each system. It is special and unique. The result is a modern greenhouse, where plants can be cooled during cultivation, benefiting the overall quality of their products.

The best varieties

Only the best varieties deserve a place in the VW Orchids range. We select the best Phalaenopsis all year round, focusing on the length of the plant as well as the number of flowers per plant. Our aim is a minimum of 10 flowers per spike! The difference in the lengths we can offer, from 60 to 80 cm, puts VW Orchids at the top of the Phalaenopsis market.

Our limited selection consists solely of large flowering, white varieties, and each type is available all year round. Our close cooperation with breeders means we can keep our eye on new and even better varieties. So VW Orchids can continue to amaze you with the beauty of the white Phalaenopsis!